It’s no news that military has been in for quite sometime now. To me, the color represents effortless edge in itself. With right amount of suave and attitude, whole nature of the outfit is altered. This androgynous trend will definitely put you on the fashion map.

Shirt dresses have been my forever favorites and make up for the perfect winter layer to keep oneself warm.Shirt/t-shit dresses are super versatile thus attributing to endless styling possibilities. Here, I have coupled two of them. Like I have said before, when it comes to layering, different lengths play an important part to proportionate your look. I have styled my white t-shirt dress which I have used previously on my instagram posts.

( Instagram: @popofcitra )

Military, pins and leather are a perfect mix. They compliment each other to give a cohesive appearance.
Finishing touch to whole outfit is brought by leather corset belt and knee high boots. They sass up the complete ensemble. Pins and patches have been a current obsession in the fashion world. They notch up your style game with minimal efforts.
You can trade your tights with a pair of denims here if you are too sensitive to the winter chill unlike me who feels it minimum on the legs hence, the tights 😛 .

Keeping things brief, I hope you liked the look and I would love to see you guys using these elements to create your own look.

Wishing you all a  prosperous 2017. May this year bring all that the last one could not and you guys emerge out as stronger than you could ever imagine yourself to be.


Scroll for outfit details!







T-Shirt Dress: (
Shirt Dress: Topshop
Corset Belt: (
Boots: Zara
Jacket: Mango
Accessories: ALDO and Forever21


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