Girl next door!

While I am still struggling between either jeans or shorts, the weather in my hometown seems to get as unpredictable as ever. Layering is one of my favourite fashion mantra. If done right, It can really make you stand out with itsy bitsy efforts noted by the public eye.

Olive has hands down been the “it” color for a while now and I just can’t stop myself from reaching out for it.
I worked the whole outfit using a brown belt which compliments the tee shirt’s color while using grey blazer adds structure to different tones of white i.e. shorts and shoes.

Wearing white is a tricky business. One needs to be careful of adding too much and at the same  you have this fear of appearing as if you’ve come straight out of a tennis court. (Dhal gaya din…*tock*..ho gai shaam..*tock* plays at the deep end of my subconscious) Well, for me, I use to wear all white on our activity days at school which haunts me till date. Still remember the struggle to match the whites to the “T”.

Shaking it off and moving ahead.
Another way to go about this outfit is trading it with a pair of white denim, brown chunky heels, and a denim jacket. I love the touch of golden accessories to olive.I wore a super sleek gold chain from Accessorize and decided to pass on any other since I had my Vero Moda Straw hat balancing out rest of the outfit.

That’s all for now. Hope to present you guys with some fall outfits as soon as  the weather decides to make me feel like it. Till then, Ciao!

Scroll at the bottom for outfit details.













Tee Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Promod
Blazer: Mango
Hat: Vero Moda
Accesories: Accessorize
Sneakers: Converse



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