On the Edge of Glory

Season to curl up in your favorite blanky while sipping on a cuppa is here my friends. While there is still some time for sweater weather to approach, I am in love with the feel of fall all together. The chilly wind, the indecisiveness of weather to wrap ourselves up or show some skin, cappuccino or frappe, has its own charm.

The best part of fall is that you get to wear those light weight knits that were too cold for winter and too hot for summers. I’m sure your closet is full of those since brands like Zara, Mango, Promod, etc are pretty much obsessed with them.

I am wearing one of those knits in off white color paired with a denim skirt and combat boots. Accessorized my outfit with a neckerchief/ Neck scarf, etc and a hat. I am lesser of a denim person when the temperature is hot therefore went for a skirt instead of jeans.

I was cleaning my room and found this denim skirt buried deep under a pile of clothes. Could not wait to wear it so ditched my shorts and wore this instead. I am a big fan of loose pullovers and cardigans. You can also wear your old blue jeans, knot your hair into a messy bun and out you go.

This was clicked around the outskirts of Dehradun. The pictures are more candid in nature.Went easy on the make up since I was more indulged in enjoying the view. Hope you all enjoy this while sipping YOUR cuppa !


Sweater: Forever21
Skirt: United colors of benetton
Hat: Forever21
Shades: Ray Ban


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