Of Overalls and Denim!

I can always remember struggling to handle my dungarees since I was 4 and no matter how much the trouble, I would always end up wearing a dungaree/overalls or shortalls. When I sensed the fashion coming back, I just could not stop myself from buying a few pair. I think a dungaree spells style with ease. To add a fun element, pair it with a crop top and you can even throw a plaid shirt over if you want to work a bit more to the look.
Post-3 4
Post 3

Coming to the second look, a cool and casual outfit to get through a hot day- Believe me, it was TOO DARN HOT! The outfit is simple and easy to carry around specially when you feel too lazy to exhaust your brain into the outfit. A hat and a bag bring a good contrast. I feel that any simple outfit can be stepped up by an intelligent use of appropriate accessories.The panama hat does that for me.

Post 3-2

Post3 - 5
Watch out for a new post every Saturday ! Till then, take care!

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